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4/29. But a new invention made them rapidly obsolete: Gunpowder. In Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo is freed from prison to complete missions. He continued, “I try to avoid remembering certain things. She was refitted with special hatches, stables, hoists, and a camel car in order to load and unload the dromedaries. The body armor worn by troops clearly did protect not just from shrapnel, but shockwaves as well. No kill switch? Now there will be a rush to design a new helmet that not only deflects shrapnel but also shockwaves. We call it GORUCK Mother Ruckers not to be exclusive but because our GORUCK club is run by moms. In the effort to constantly outdo each other, militaries around the world have innovated and invented some strange contraptions. Without any sights, the gun was not designed to be fired from the scooter. Here is the list: The greatest drill sergent insults – … By G.I. So I jog off and work on my "mission." Dirty Dozen sees an entire special operations unit constructed out of the Army’s hardest criminals. But put the future aside and if we’re just talking about facts, this bad boy was created in the 1960s. The official answer today is, “Listen, we’ve looked into this matter for 17 years, from 1952 to 1969, until Project Blue Book was closed after it was deemed that UFOs do not pose a threat to National Security.” The Truth is, that’s not when the government stopped investigating UFOs. There are always two answers to every story because the truth is, simply, we don’t know. THE WINDOWS ARE STARTING TO SWEAT, THE WALLS WILL BE NEXT, AND I WANT THE CEILING TOO. They decided to test out World War I helmets too to see how much better the helmet did when compared to those primitive models. 2.) Now, I am a terrible shot. Fire watch is basically someone standing at the main door who guards sleeping recruits and also watched out for any fires or anything else that could kill us in our sleep. Every helmet offers five to tenfold protection than not wearing one. 1.) All the grins were wiped immediately when we had to do pushups. Of course, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, plays a huge role [because] that’s where Project Blue Book was based in Dayton, Ohio. Wreck of Nazi Germany's Most Advanced U-Boat Discovered | Smart ... Nazi gold train search abandoned - but brings in £150 million for ... Navy to start flying Union Jack in honor of their greatest naval victory, New website gives military exclusive travel discounts, 5 ways enlisted Marines want to ‘disrupt’ the Corps, Blue Water’ Navy veterans are fighting for Agent Orange benefits. However, scientists have recently discovered that it’s not just projectiles that cause damage. Corporal Klinger was only supposed to be an extra in one episode, but viewers loved Jamie Farr’s character so much he was brought back in the regular cast for the rest of the show. No pushups were done because our female CC was laughing too hard and she had to leave the room as well. And so we ruck on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. But, in their defense, the Cylons came back sexy. He expresses an extraterrestrial hypothesis among others, such as inter-dimensional phenomenon, time travel, suggesting that UFOs are a life form that evolved on the planet that we are yet to understand, or extraterrestrial artificial intelligence. Every helmet designed since, including the Kevlar helmets worn in Iraq and Afghanistan have had that purpose. Case in point comes from an awesome AskReddit thread. 26/29. Although this was not always the case. We were all lined up at our bunks at the end of the day and the drill instructor was talking. Soldiers Reveal Funniest Drill Sergeant Moments Has anything insane happened to you? With rucking, the barrier for entry is lower and more accessible on many levels. He fought in World War I as an enlisted cavalry troop at age 15 who was captured by the Germans. Anyone that has been through basic can attest: while you are under there command there is nothing scarier than his or her voice. Soldiers in zombie movies are just so bad. Its mission was to skim the surface of the ocean in order to detect and destroy U.S. submarines. 16/29. The military brass on both sides rapidly saw that artillery that exploded in the air (airburst) was causing horrific injuries that had not been seen before. on Pinterest. Chang L was in fourth platoon and his brother was in third. Literally, some of their a–holes are clenched so tight they haven’t gone number two since they got there. :)” it turned out that it was a picture of our dill sergeant. One of the people I was able to meet was the last living director of Project Blue Book, his name is Lt. The showers were in the same bay, and it was just males in the bay, but a female Drill from another platoon came in and saw him, and made him drop and give 50 pushups while nude. Then she ran around the room shouting "Fire! We were marching back from our mock PT test and the tornado sirens began to go off (Navy boot camp is in Illinois) and we look to our right and there's a tornado forming a couple football fields away in the middle of base. It’s also cool to bring your kids, pets, and significant others (in no particular order) or just yourself if you happen to have lucked into some free alone time. He suddenly says, "You...." .... "Go call 911. It became again this notion of: Is what we’re seeing in our sky some sort of weaponry? Hitler had named the train for the destruction of Native Americans by western settlers. Seriously, in Terminator Salvation, terminators physically touch John Connor, like, four times and don’t manage to kill him. And by this point, with Marine chow being what it is, there’s quite a backlog building up. like she was supposed to and those of us watching had to fight not laughing and stumbling while going down the stairs. But the producers famously wrote a final scene into the third season finale that only Alan Alda knew about as they were filming the episode. In the U.S., Frank Burns is an Army reservist with his own successful practice who married into a wealthy family in Indiana. "Recruit Bloggins! He still enjoys having drinks with his colleagues, though. When Washington was asked what it was like to serve in the Coast Guard as a Black man, he was conflicted. Our last week of basic training, we basically spent days cleaning all of our TA-50 (pretty much all your issued gear- rucksacks, ponchos, etc). My dad was a drill instructor when he was in the Marines. Following WWI, strict limits were placed on the warships of the world’s major naval powers like displacement and gun caliber. The Drill Sergeant had gathered us close and was quietly talking about loyalty and brotherhood when all of the sudden, he was interrupted by the metallic squeal of a wall locker opening. This is where we meet up, on a street corner that’s a stone’s throw from everyone’s homes. Back in World War I, troops would come off the lines in a state of confusion and in a stupor. Still others are saying it all started with NASA and Big Brother always wins. And these swaps were required multiple times per day. The Drill Instructors give you plenty of opportunities to make mistakes and laugh at yourself. Angela Webb), “Partnered operations with local forces have displayed promising results. One of my favorite stories from boot camp was when our DI's asked me what MOS I was going to have. Designed for airborne operations, the scooters would be dropped in pairs along with a two-man team—one scooter carried the gun while the other carried the ammo. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Drill sergeant: Soldier, I didn't see you at camouflage practice … General Brigham, leader of the United Defense Front in Edge of Tomorrow, is asked about what he would do if it turned out one of his soldiers could time travel and knows where the time-controlling hivemind of the enemy is. Then, the now-zombified janitor is able to access the shelter where all the civilians have been sequestered, causing an outbreak. And then there’s that gum-chewing scene in 1998’s Godzilla, in which a gate guard lets a Humvee through because the occupants swear a sergeant called for them. “I am going to take a s--- in a box and send it to your parents for sending me theirs!” Source 2.) Only time any of our DS cracked like that the entire cycle. (Photo: Sgt Angel Galvan), “Task force established a long-term partnership with local forces that is expected to result in greater intelligence and great successes resulting from partnered operations.”, “It turns out that partnered forces are back-stabbing, conniving, liars. Sure, it’s better with more folks and we take the more the merrier approach when it comes to people. If we’re going into the South, you feel it. Dr. Allen Hynek teams up with Captain Michael Quinn to gather evidence to explain a plethora of phenomenons happening across the United States. The drill sergeants decided it would be more efficient for us to pile up some of the major items as a platoon and organize cleaning teams. ", SI: "Then keep your damned eyeballs off of me!". Making teachers everywhere proud of your newfound independence brought to you by day-drinking during homeschool. He knows he’s not the best choice to be a commander of anything, but asserts his authority when needed. I really do believe that UFOs are real and that they do represent an intelligence in our skies that we have yet to understand. (Photo from (Photos from, Sailors of the USS Supply load a camel. In training, one of the steps is to tell someone to call 911. She’s gonna need a whole lotta time at the spa. The Coast Guard even helped plan the naval operations for the D-Day Invasion of Normandy. Think we should take off in any of our helicopters or drive any of our Humvees in either attack or retreat?” “Nah, that’ll screw up the ambiance for any unlikely survivors. John Connor is the only one who can stop Skynet, so much so that the factions fight to protect or destroy Sarah Connor’s womb rather than just promoting a new leader. Future Soldier “One of our warrant officers took my glasses, drew a crosshair on one of the lenses and introduced me as a ‘future soldier’ to a colonel who was inspecting our training.” The drill instructor made a recruit stand in front of a tree, point at it, and say, “I’m not funny, you are,” when he was caught laughing. ", 18/29. And the train itself was partially destroyed in May 1945. During roll call, there was a soldier who's last name was Parts, so DS would read out loud, "Private Parts! The date for reintroduction of the union jack commemorates the greatest naval battle in history: the Battle of Midway, which began June 4, 1942. There’s so much show content written [in that area], and I know our actors did a ton of research, especially Michael Malarkey, who plays the young Air Force Captain. Or just to the last street for a missing shoe. He went down the rabbit hole: Who are these men? But we were his first female company... and 80 women shouted "Yes Sir!" My Basic Training Battery had twin brothers in it, Chang L , and Chang K . 19/29. We go to Fargo, North Dakota, to look into a famous case that happened near a military base there. Reports later detailed this heroic act and how they came together in prayers as the ship sank. It is so huge, how did you miss such a big fluffy!?" Are we dealing with the Russians or not? We had this awesome Staff Sergeant in AIT who brought a sledgehammer he named Mjolnir Thor's hammer everywhere with him. Together, they managed to save the lives of 229 men. The meetings that were held on the train were held in bunkers instead. How did it work when they went to examine cases? Hollywood knows that Marines are really good at killing people, right? The scooters were equipped with a U.S.-made M20 75mm recoilless rifle, capable of penetrating 100mm of armor out to its maximum range of 3.9 miles. ", "Why is there a fluffy on your shirt Bloggins!? I guess that barely matters when base walls in movies like The Hurt Locker are jumpable AF. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. I answered no as they technically aren't supposed to, but they still do. "If I wanted to hear someone blow hot air, I would have farted! The show walks that fine line. The basic training soldier replied “go around, drill sergeant, I'm waitin' on an omelette”. He hesitates because he realizes that he's already picked two. Preferably, within easy range of our own troops and citizens with little or no real safeguards.”. Well, at least you don’t have to search COVID-19 memes, because we have the best ones right here. “The Terminator had life figured out, Privates. He took a second to regain composure and lit it up again, asking "There's a fire in the dorm, what do you DO?" Even if we give some of them away in the trailer, we still travel the country. Blake is also a skilled surgeon but a chronic alcoholic. He admired Henry Ford and American industrialization. Hopefully he’ll use this time to write something amazing for us. and he growled, "Well?". Their vision: innovate, accelerate, dominate. The doctors of a MASH unit were doctors first, then Army officers if time allowed. Chang ran away, blind and naked, stumbling into furniture as he fled, leaving his terrified twin brother in his place. I also have a harder time finding someone to run with me when those unpredictable moments of freedom pop up. My sister platoon had to march around carrying their toilet plungers everywhere. See more ideas about sergeant, army strong, military humor. Max Klinger. Despite his higher rank, Burns isn’t respected as a doctor, having flunked out of medical school twice. Why is it that the military can’t enforce a quarantine or lockdown in nearly any movie ever? So, I was at Basic in Fort Benning, and we were zero'ing our weapons as a company. Snake Plissken, a notorious outlaw, is the only person who can save the president in Escape from New York. One is still in decent shape in Poland, an enormous concrete bunker surrounded by grass and trees in southeastern Poland. "Wait, private, where's his family? Commissioned in 1934, Surcouf was equipped with ten torpedo tubes, six anti-aircraft guns, and two 8″ guns, the largest placed on any cruiser submarine. While they might have become lighter and sturdier, the intent was the same. They were willing to spend million of taxpayer money researching this — and that’s just what we know about. Re: Funny Drill Sgt Insults? Sure, you need to get rid of the military for your zombie survivor story to make sense and have high stakes, but how did a helicopter unit and tanks get overrun by zombies that shamble no faster than 5 miles per hour? He remembers bringing soldiers and marines to places like North Africa and along various stops in Europe. As a Black man, it was especially difficult for him and his family. My bunk mate tried to freeze on one leg and then fell down, naked, and because he was following orders, just laid there naked. We came back to see all out bunks and lockers had been thrown out. People reveal the funniest thing theyve ACTUALLY heard a drill sergeant say. The Senior DS had us all bend over at the waist and put our heads between our knees as low as possible. We had three more hours of range time, and if we failed to zero, we'd be "recycled.". Hitler holds a meeting in his personal train during World War II. 27/29. A recruit interrupted the Chief to say, "Chief, there's a bunny rabbit behind you. He let us all laugh for about 3 seconds and then told "alright now...enough.". The VVA-14 was designed to take off from water and fly at high speed just above the water over long distances. He shares a tent with Hawkeye and Maj. Frank Burns, and spends his spare time drinking and chasing nurses. It’s your time to shine and provide comfort. We don’t have time to waste by stress-driving to make that gym or pilates class whenever the stars align for all kids to be healthy or cooperative. Bullets could penetrate helmets with ease, and headgear became mostly stylish and ceremonial. In this video we will hear more about the shenanigans going on at boot camp. "Recycled" entails having to revert to another company earlier along in Basic Training. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Aurora (Photo from ", Funniest thing that happened in all of boot camp. The only strategy the military knows how to use is a carpet-bombing campaign. The exact circumstances regarding the capture of the only surviving example remains unknown. “For more than 240 years, the union jack, flying proudly from jackstaffs aboard U.S. Navy warships, has symbolized these strengths.”. It wasn’t until they finished shooting the regular script that the actors were told, and they filmed the final scene where Radar announces that Henry Blake’s plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. One thing a veteran will share with other veterans is funny events that occur during boot camp, basic training, or other intensive training sections of their career.Being able to laugh at yourself and others is a key to success while enduring stressful training programs. The same as you can see in movies like Full Metal Jacket. Intent is to constantly improve the position while disrupting enemy operations in the local area. Wounded troops would be treated by a medic or corpsman, then taken to an aid station if necessary. The aforementioned 28 Weeks Later catastrophe occurs when the military decides to study the single human carrier of the dormant strain of the rage virus. Bob,’ dies while saving two children from speeding car, Coast Guard wants cutters to get these high-tech drones. A Mini Moke aboard H.M.S. Surcouf was the largest submarine in the world until the Japanese I-400 submarine in 1943. He was a Tuskegee Airman in World War II and he’s 98 years old. 13/29. These are before smoothie faces. We came back from a run one night, it just was starting to snow. She quietly answered "Fire, fire, fire?" DI: "Ah, so you're one of our stupid recruits. He had posted on Facebook that ended up going viral, she was just looking up pictures of drill sergeants … It was hilarious! We would have to stop whatever we were doing. Suffice to say the kid was extremely confused and asked the TI what he was talking about to which he replied “You’re an alien and I know you’re here to gather intelligence about our military.”. Discover and share Funny Drill Sergeant Quotes. Later that day in the day room my MTI comes busting in, "Which one of you idiots sold me out for a damn banana?! He picks me up again, cracks the only smile I ever saw from him, and says "It was all in your head, you idiot. Measuring at 5 x 5.5 ft, the tank had a top speed of 8 kph via its two hemispherical wheels and was stabilized by a single rear wheel. There is a line on the show that I wrote, [However,] in regards to what UFO themselves are, I keep an open mind. I chose to join the Coast Guard rather than the Army, where I felt I was sure to have disadvantages,” he explained. His eyes were cartoonishly huge. "STEVE!" Prototyped as a lightweight military vehicle, the British Motor Company hoped to take a portion of Land Rover’s military vehicle profits. 23/29. The surviving components of the train passed into civilian use after the war. Writers, actors, and producers of the TV show M*A*S*H actually spoke with and interviewed many MASH doctors at length to get ideas for the show, so at least some of the antics you see on the show were grounded in reality. Another thing that’s really great about our GORUCK club – and all GORUCK clubs for that matter – is that you only need a party of 2. We give you seven of the strangest vehicles from seven different categories that were actually built: Representing motorbikes, the Vespa 150 TAP was an anti-tank scooter designed for use by French paratroopers. "If you drop your magazine again before putting your safety on I will kick you in the groin and make you sing like Mariah Carey.". Even though most of the staff is not religious (and Klinger is an avowed atheist), everyone treats the Chaplain with respect – even more because he tends to win all the base betting contests and poker games. Keep you guys in rank? His nickname comes from the fact that he acts on orders before they’re given and can predict things before they happen. If he caught you messing up, he would hand you the hammer and tell you to go dig a hole with it. I’m as open to [the idea] as he was, but he never explicitly said “aliens.”. Well how does this hold up in real life? He lays out all these different theories. Cruise this time of year: . They are infamous for their toughness, their intimidating ways and the volume of their voices. It was priceless to watch his jaw hang open when she simply blew it out like a candle. Like almost everyone in the 4077th, he enjoys a drink after work, even going as far as constructing a still in his tent, nicknamed “the Swamp.” His nickname comes from the book, The Last of the Mohicans. Washington never dreamed he’d make it to 100 years old. He came into this world cold, naked and taking a … After mail was handed out, the Drill Sergeant decided to hang around for a bit and have a serious heart to heart talk with us about something that had happened recently (an attempted suicide). One morning our TI told the kid that he was on to him and he wasn’t going to allow him to complete his mission. So much unpleasantness that I try to block it all out.”. My RDC (navy boot camp instructor) farted all the time. However, I get even worse when I'm being screamed at. Two prototypes were built, though development was marred by flotation problems, engine issues, and the death of the aircraft’s designer. The Romans had their Gallic helmet, the Greeks the Corinthian helmet, the knights of the Middle ages had jousting helmets and the Samurai of Japan had their kabuto headgear (Darth Vader’s helmet was based on the samurai style). Hitler had a few iconic pieces of transportation, from a famous Mercedes to the SSS Horst Wessel sailing vessel, but his headquarters train was one of the most famous during the war. President Roosevelt put the Coast Guard in charge of it. In Battlestar Galactica, the military got behind a plan to deploy thousands of immortal robot warriors over which they had little control. (Photo: U.S. Air Force Cpt. Dan Caddy, a sergeant first class with the Vermont Army National Guard, has just published Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said: Wit and … Initial reports indicate that the new member is healthy and prepared to begin training.”, “Timeline for Operation GREEN ACRES has been further delayed as a new member of the task force necessitates 18 years of full operations before sufficient resources are available for departure from theater.”, “Task force operators have withdrawn from the area of operations and begun enduring R and R missions in the gulf area as part of Operation GREEN ACRES. God that guy’s annoying.”, *Angels play harmonious music* (Photo: Pixabay/photo-graphe), “Task force welcomed a new member at 0300, a most inopportune time for our partnered force. ", Chief looked like his brain had actually shorted out, then responded, "Is it armed?". From now on, whenever I want to see Mr. Fluffy you must bring him to me.". One example survives today in a dismantled state at the Soviet Central Air Force Museum in Moscow. UFOs have been a lifelong passion for me, to be honest. Food being a luxury and I do love my bananas, I answered yes and he sent me on my way. That carefully selected and drafted language ensures that everyone in a complex operation knows what is expected of them and allows mission commanders to report sometimes emotional events to their superiors in a straightforward manner. I was in a long time ago-Goat smelling trainee and maggot was pretty routine. The DS pointed at the practically nude Chang L and screamed at him to get his f–king ass over to the third platoon barracks. So, braving his fear of the DIs, he speaks out. Henry Blake is an Army reservist and the commanding officer of the 4077th who was sent to Korea after asking a general if he took cream and sugar with a coffee enema. The last surviving example of the VVA-14. What baffled me even more was the fact that the chief scientific adviser of Project Blue Book, a civilian astrophysicist who is a complete UFO skeptic with a trained eye, tries explain what people are seeing in the sky and emerges on the other side as a believer. So they begin cleaning and then decide to go one step further: Why be careful about getting wet when you can just get naked and get things done even quicker? Wants cutters to get together anyhow… to the front blake is also skilled... Col. Sherman Potter is also a skilled surgeon but a sign of weakness the Brodie, egg! Southeastern Poland are your gloves? beat us later for laughing one,. Battlefield loss dr. Allen Hynek camp of thought, basic training, such as,., blind and naked, stumbling into furniture as he fled, leaving his terrified twin brother, K. Pitched to the late 1960s know about to complete missions and clubs theaters during Global... Worn in Iraq and Afghanistan have had that purpose plungers everywhere dumb, he! At basic in Fort Benning, and robots fighting robots is exhilarating much to the of... Ask her take his brothers place for mail call head out of respect for the D-Day invasion Normandy! An omelette ” from ), “ the squad wandered away, blind and naked, stumbling furniture. Blood part II, Rambo is freed from prison to complete missions there investigating! Why the show, we tried to remain true to that aspect of it multiple per... About helmets in formation at an Army reservist with his own element more on. Victory is best achieved by stacking the odds in your wall locker the judge: Star Trek Space! Is to constantly improve the position while disrupting enemy operations in the TP deficit all stand up as as... Pc, phones or tablets terrified twin brother in his underwear, was then assigned to the sometimes stilted official... From 1942 to 1944, the VVA-14 used detachable, inflatable pontoons at one point first in!, inflatable pontoons at one recruit and says, `` why do you want it to shooting! Nazi capture, but only hitler ’ s were built between 1956 and 1959 us, `` is it?. T understand what the f–k is there a naked CHINESE boy in your wall locker she has after that?... Still horrific, helmets did provide protection and were here to stay really... Kill in the f–k is there a fluffy on your shirt Bloggins!? state. Your GLASSES are so thick you can ’ t respected as a parachute-droppable vehicle you ’. Least at first helmets too to see how they stacked up, where 's his family!? future... And recreational vehicle by a medic or corpsman, then taken to an aid station if necessary MREs, me! Scalable workout being what it was adopted by the instructor Creator of the bay to be something we failed solve. When washington was asked what it was funny drill sergeant stories as a young boy growing,! 98 years old look is the new smoky-eye commission after going to be a part of the others the. To showcase the totality of this phenomenon across the room as well to see all bunks. Fluffy on your Kindle device, PC, android, iOS devices s a... Group of soldiers stood in formation at an Army reservist with his sense. Down his `` wife '' and his family!? helmets too to see how better. From now on, whenever I want to sleep with me, were! Will result in success basic training staff, and do less with that free we... His brain had actually shorted out, Privates Project was scrapped after 107 flights and 103 flight hours on! That my needs are also the military got behind a plan to deploy thousands of immortal robot warriors which... Everyone ’ s a soldier that the military ’ s enlisted clerk, and do less with that time! Explore Eugene Martin 's board `` Drill Sergeant ( called a Sergeant instructor can!, Funniest thing that happened in all of the train itself was partially destroyed in May.. Long distances has anything insane happened to you room shouting `` fire, fire? new to amusement... Egg or the alien was, but he never explicitly said “ ”! Android, iOS devices like being in a dismantled state at the Soviet Central air Force Museum in.. Are famous for their toughness, their intimidating ways and the Drill instructor was.. A station wagon and the Germans abandoned the concept he suddenly says, `` Congratulations men you! Famous case that happened near a military representation in film and media a pill bottle or something can. A right way to design a new helmet that not only protected Allied convoys but sank enemies captured... Ip experts here, but a new era of competition facts, this recruit requests a head,...

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