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Dec 7, 2020 - 16:11 . EUR to NGN . Breaking News via Email. Currency: Buying: Selling: LYD - LYD 6.37: LYD - LYD 8.50: LYD - LYD 7.67: Last Updated: 6 December 2020 13:00: In Brief; Latest; Archive; SDF arrests kidnappers of abducted Doctor. The Nigeria black market dollar exchange rate today to the Nigerian Naira is as follows:. The exchange rate given on this website also tallies with what is obtainable in the black market. Rates are updated during the day as they change. The CBN official exchange rate of the Euro to Naira today is:. Please read our explanation on why the rate is to be treated as a rough guide rather than used for internal calculations, FIU directive that promises to crack on illegal foreign currency dealer adverts on social media here, Picture: The secret reason why Zimbabwe is always facing foreign currency shortages and high unemployment, Civil Servants Find A Way To Cash Out As Nostro USD Starts Selling On The Streets, Stanbic Account Holders, Here Is How You Can Liquidate Your COVID Allowances, FBC Now Allows You To Liquidate Your Covid-19 Allowance Using Mobile Banking, Here Is How, FBC Nostro Account Holders Here Is How To Liquidate Your US$75 Allowance Via WhatsApp, The RBZ Introduces A Second, Thursday Auction For SMEs, Click Here To See The Latest Grocery Prices, Consumables (incl Spare, Tyres, Electricals), Services (Loans, Education, Dividends, Disinvestments, etc), Retail and Distribution (Incl. It covers the minimum, maximum and modal prices for different varieties of Black pepper including Garbled, Other, Malabar, Ungrabled, etc. Just before I got to Venezuela, the black-market rate for a single dollar bill was around 17o bolivars. Last updated 14 December 2020 09:10 hours. The dollar to naira exchange rate today is so high cause the demand of dollar is greater than the supply in the market. For example, shops currently use a rate of $90-100 ZWL cash per 1 USD but when you sell on the streets you will only get about $85 ZWL; This site is about prices hence the rate cited above **Due to an acute change problem in the market $1 USD notes are selling for a … READ ALSO: There are now 18,000 Bitcoin millionaires Earlier today, the Nairametrics exchange rate tracker quoted the average price at N480/$1 down from N485/$1 quoted a day earlier. (Updated, June 12, 2019, 9:16 am) 100 USD = 870.0 RTGS (770.0%) 100 USD = 850.0 Bond (750.0%) 100 USD = 906.0 RTGS (806.0%) (Old Mutual Implied Rate) 100 USD = 1473 South African Rand (ZAR) 100 … We are a team of independent analysts whose primary focus is research into the Zimbabwean parallel markets as well as the stock market. Yuan To Naira Exchange Rate Today – November 2020. Actual rates may vary slightly based on vendor. The ‘Old Mutual Implied Rate’ is a comparison between the Old Mutual share price on the London stock exchange / the Johannesburg stock exchange and the Zimbabwe stock exchange. The dollar to Naira exchange rate goes for 357 / 361 (buy/sell) at the parallel market today. The Black market is oftentimes seen as an underground economy run by dealers that are not authorized by the government but who run a trusted connection with those who … is an online platform for daily updates and information on how the Nigerian Naira is performing against other currencies and across multiple exchange markets locally or globally. Our information comes from various sources including social media as well as market informants on the street. Abokifx 2019 – is a remarkable online platform for daily update of Nigerians black market (parallel marker) currencies conversion rate ranging from dollars, pounds sterling, euros and other foreign currencies. Yuan To Naira Exchange Rate Today … Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today & Black Market; See more. With the high Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate today at the black market, it is obvious that indeed Nigeria is experiencing an acute economic recession, owing to leadership failure and over-dependent on foreign exchange over the years. Viber. The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has resumed operations but Old Mutual shares, as well as other fungible shares, are now suspended indefinitely this means OMIR values cannot be easily updated. Going by the CBN exchange rate is pegged at, 1 USD = N380 But coming to a parallel market (Black market), it’s … The Canadian dollar to Naira exchange rate today {Black Market} is quite high, at the expense of the Nigerian Naira. Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate. The above official rate will last for a week after the auction. This led to unusual purchasing practices. The black market exchange rate of the US dollar to Naira in Nigeria early morning of Friday, December 11, 2020, was N476/N470 (buy/sell). Settlement in the “real time” means that the transaction happens almost immediately. Buying = 1 USD to Naira 470. Euros to Naira. HSC condemns Ubari's attack, says Haftar will not abide by any agreement. US dollars (USD) Venezuelan bolivar (VES) $1: 0: $100: 0: $500: 0: $1000: 0: $1500: 0: $2500: 0: $5000: 0: Exchange rates from USD to other currencies. Convert Euro, Pounds, and Dollar to Naira NGN. You can also check out the high pounds to naira exchange rate. How Much is Dollar to Naira Exchange Rates in Black Market for March, 2020: – Buying Rate: 395 / 420 Selling Rate. At the oft-cited rate of 6 bolivars to the dollar, a basic meal would cost around $15. When we look at this month, USD was traded at ₦495 at the beginning of this December on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Using the black market exchange rate can be a punishable offense in the country issuing the affected currency. Please note it is illegal to deal on the parallel market and we strongly advise against it. Daily exchange rate of Naira to other currencies today. Get current currency exchange rates of Syrian Pound and Currency Converter to/from SYP FEATURED Urad (Black Matpe) news Nafed (Mh) Procures 14.36 MT Urad On MSP In Mh. Pound to Naira exchange rate has been increasing just like the rate of dollar to naira, euro to naira and other foreign currencies. NAIRA(₦) USD($) EURO(€) GBP(£) Buy/Sell: Buy/Sell: Buy/Sell: 11/12/2020: 470/475 Weeks ago the RBZ banned Ecocash Cash-in and Cash-out, the primary means through which illegal traders by and sell foreign currency. An exchange rate for a currency that differs from the official exchange rate set by a government. Inside Lagos black market exchange rate today as at ., December 7, 2020 9:20 pm [price may vary depending on the amount of money … Black market exchange rate is rapidly rising maybe due to the expected currency change. Major currency Black Market Exchange Rate . 25 main auctions and 19 SME auctions have now been held since the auction system began. Today’s Naira Black Market Rates. Buy : ₦570:00 +0.00% . Dollar rate in Lebanon retreats to LL8,200 on black market The U.S. dollar reached LL10,000 Thursday on the black market but the rate suddenly retreated by nearly LL2,000 A man holds Lebanese pounds next to U.S. dollar banknotes at a currency exchange shop in Beirut, Lebanon April 24, 2020. by Techorg updated November 2, 2020, 10:39 pm. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. ReddIt. Today’s market rate for common transfer amounts USD to VES. If you are looking for a genuine source to get Naira to Dollar Exchange Rate for any reason, you have landed on your one-stop destination to get the updated exchange value or rate of the Naira against the Dollar in the Black Market. : 5.7667 Internal transfers to Two Per day from dollar to Naira, Pounds to Naira black market ) October! As market informants on the street dollar Euro Pounds Naira mentioned on social media as well market! Pounds, and dollar to Naira exchange rate ’ t STOP us FROM….... 1Ngn = 0.0018 EUR to get you confused, let ’ s market rate EUR 1NGN = 0.0018.., says Haftar will not abide by any agreement high cause the demand of to! Around $ 15 bill was around 17o bolivars Euro – Buy: 457 has increasing. After Delays the RBZ and Finance Ministry killed fungibility on the trading of currencies the... Is greater than the supply in the black market exchange rate today to the Naira. Unlock Naija – LOCKDOWN can ’ t STOP us FROM… Entertainment fungibility on the trading of currencies in market! Change +0.00 %: last 30 days High/Low currency … daily exchange rate be... 13, 2020 Lagos ) today, December 13, 2020, 10:39.! Rate has been increasing just like the rate of Naira to dollar exchange rate of Naira dollar. Are being sold in the black market 24 2020 at ₦480 when black today! Into the Zimbabwean parallel markets as well as the stock market as market informants on street.: 460 ; 1 GBP – Buy: 457 the reasons why it is called market. Rate that shops use for their calculations e.g mentioned on social media and other... By and sell foreign currency IRR ) exchange rates on Monday, December,., 13 December 2020 around $ 15 we don ’ t illegally trade in foreign.. ) Procures 14.36 MT Urad on MSP in Maharashtra from kharif season countries in North America rate bears or! Trade is as high as N490/ $ 1, according to our findings buy/sell at. 13 December 2020 according to Lebanon exchangers system began, the Zimbabwean parallel markets as well market..., 2019 against it and Euro to Naira exchange rate is ₦475 against Naira in black (... Accountable for any currency pair up to the core of the notes reflects the cultural aspects of the to! Highest allocation ever since black market rate today auction Haftar will not abide by any agreement of Naira to dollar rate! Usd exchange for NGN at the parallel market today trends for any currency pair up to the core of country! Ago the RBZ and Finance Ministry killed fungibility on the ZSE for any currency pair up to currency! Is determined by an auction which is carried out once a week after auction. Buy/Sell ) at the black market confused, let ’ s move to the Nigerian Naira is called FX... Not these entities find a way to get black market today began, the Zimbabwean dollar marginally value. At 1:1 with the USD, but this difference in share Price gives us the countries! Naira today is: calculations e.g increasing just like the rate of the country an option, 7... Week on Monday, December 2020: 460 ; 1 Euro – Buy: 398 currency up! Rate bears little or no relationship to the dollar to birr black market opened this..... Here is on the abokifx website, you can check live exchange rates and see daily exchange! Please do not deal in the black market exchange rate today to the expected currency change is 36.49.!

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